Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some Purim links, present and past

A few words of caution:
For heaven’s sake—literally—take it easy on the drinking! Remember that alcohol can be lethal. Also, there's absolutely no excuse—halachic or otherwise—for giving a teenager a cigarette as a treat, and no cap guns or caps—they’re dangerous!

And now, on with the show!

This look at Purim-costume time at the Bogner residence comes complete with a video on putting on a sari (saree?) that’s both instructive and droll.

On a serious note, WestBankMama reminds us that Megillat Esther is not a Hollywood production.

Follow the link to this parody (on "purifying" Megillat Esther/the Scroll [Book] of Esther). Thanks, Ezzie!

This just in: New York Jewish Week Purim Spoof!

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz gets into the Purim spirit with his Is At-Risk At Risk? :) Thanks to DovBear for the link.

Husband-hunter Bad for Shidduchim provided a link to a parody for Orthodox Jews who are "in the parsha" (translation: seeking a spouse), and good for grins for the entire Jewish community.

The Orthodox Union posts Tapping the Power of Purim, Purim: Hide and Seek, and, for foodies, Merriment, mirth, and good eats (complete with several different Hamantaschen recipes), A Purim Feast Filled with the Amazing Aromas of Aleppo (Syria), and (Moroccan) Ojos de Haman (The Eyes of Haman).

For those interested in Limudei Kodesh (study of sacred texts), Rabbi Gil Student takes issue here with a post (linked) on Megillat Esther by Yeshiva University's Stern College for Women sophomore Jewish Studies/English major Chana—but a good number of the commenters seem to think that Chana is right.

Saturday Night Live, Shushan Purim style:

Elie chimes in with this Purim Torah on the non-kashrut of green eggs and ham. Good for laughs for anyone who raised a kid on Dr. Seuss and/or for Talmud scholars.

A new song for Mark's Milwaukee Music Makers: I'm dreaming of a white Purim (?!)

On DovBear's (Chaim Bray's?) blog, Tikun Olam guest-posts about the best costume at her synagogue, and asks for the best at yours. Check the comments here.

Talmud scholars will enjoy Rabbi Gil Student's Mordechai and Dating.

Jack's "Purim is Over" edition of Haveil Havalim is a mixed bag, but there are some Purim links in there.

Here's a contemporary political take on Purim. (Hat-tip: Robert Avrech.)

Stern student Chana posts some more Thoughts on the Megilla.

Check out the poster that Jameel posted here.

Reading the Megilla led JoeSettler to ask What Changed?

If you know of any more good Purim posts (etc.), just post in the comments section telling us where to find them. Those in need of instructions for creating hyperlinks in comments will find them at the end of this post.

Here are some oldies but goodies from previous years:

Please avoid Reckless endangerment on Purim—go easy on the alcohol!

In case you missed it or enjoyed it enough to listen again, here's last year's (in)famous Purim Podcast (co-created by Jameel and Ezzie).

While you're at Jameel's, check out the blog parodies linked in the special Purim Parod Blogroll (below his regular blogroll). As I recollect, the parodists each undertook to create a parody version of another person's blog.

When not busy enjoying Purim with cave kids and Female, Cro Magnon Man not only see patients, he also sing loudly and carry big bass. :)

Esther played the “sex” card???!!!

Matanot la-evyonim—min ha-evyonim

On Tuesday, March 14, 2006, I posted “Shushan Purim Saméach: Here's a link fest in honor of our very first Seudat Purim.” (You’ll notice that many of the posts are dated, rather than linked—I’ve gotten a lot better at unearthing permalinks since then.)

Ad lo yada—a non-drinker still has trouble telling the difference between the hero and the villain

DovBear links here to his own Purim-posts collection.

For those in need of technical assistance, here are the instructions for creating hyperlinks in comments:

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For every [, substitute a <, and for every ], substitute a >.

Have an easy fast. Purim Saméach/a Freilichen Purim/Happy Purim!


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